• mirakeewrites_ 66w

    Oh promise me !
    Not a love that stays young forever,
    But the one that blooms even if its short and the fragrance fades never.
    Not the moons and the star,
    Not the places and things so far.
    Just some smiles
    A walk with hand in hand by miles
    Not a journey counted by years
    Neither by all the tears,
    But by the moments of joy,
    the love and togetherness that we enjoy.
    Not to love me till you die,
    Side by side somedays just silently lie.
    Not to think of life as a bed of roses,
    Not only poetry but sometimes proses.
    Promise me not a bouquet of flowers,
    but talk to me for hours and hours.
    Lets watch the setting sun, sky all blue,
    Of that sky somedays lets just enjoy all hues
    Promise me not sweet lies but the truth all bitter,
    While speaking the truth please don't jitter.
    Not the colours but sometimes black and white,
    Not just laughter but sometimes a petty fight.
    Promise me not to stay by my side ,
    Just promise when you don't love me any more you won't hide.
    I know love fades and I will accept it with grace,
    All I want is that pretty smile always on your face...
    Promise me not just those soft petals
    But also the thorns that cut so deep.
    Not only a companion in your laughter
    but also a shoulder to weep...
    Not a rose everytime along with my favourite song,
    but sometimes that short lived dandelion to wish upon.
    I know life may seem unfair sometimes,
    promise me On those days just lean upon my rhymes.
    Promise me that these promises you will keep,
    When you smile, when you laugh, when you complain even when you weep.....

    ( PS- Maybe I am back (:
    Maybe not.
    I seem to have lost words and rhymes. Maybe I.
    cannot write how I used to before....
    I know its too vague )

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    Such a tender word to say,
    Yet too deep meanings lay.