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    Like driftwood, I waft into madness, rushed into the wilderness of a dazzling world. Neither brakes nor a safety belt, nothing to hold on to but my breath and gut. A frozen block of wood swept by the currents across deep seas. Life can't touch me, I thought. But life already did, scoring wrinkles with each kaleidoscopic sight passing by in a flurry. Now and then, I break out in chuckles, tickled by the magical light illuminating the sacred, before holding tight again. Each encounter, though, relaxes the grip a little.

    Tell me about the world—How will it be to scream my lungs out when catapulted by the gushing falls, plunging into the deep end of the whirlpool with a gigantic splash? — How does the air feel on my skin while stagnant in the tranquil creek? — What will I see and hear from the depths of the ocean bed? — I want to experience everything.

    Let the waves of insanity take me.


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