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    One ought ,everyday atleast to pay an acknowledgement of thanks for
    the comforts given by the universe.That
    Thought itself can make you a happy and honest being. While gazing the morning sun and the evening splendour of the setting sun it would take you to a sublime state of mind to understand the trivialities of life.The blind pursuit of material wealth is only the ignorance.I always see a very old man passing through a very busy road to and fro in the scorching sun very freely as a part
    of his day today living.His body structure is
    with a 90 degree bent and the two arms he
    always used to keep on that bent holding a carry bag like making use of even that . The scene makes me contemplate over my low confidential level of always complaining over many issues which are nothing before what I have mentioned above.We ought everyday to pay
    attention on the life of other humans and all
    Other creations of nature.There lies all the learnings we can afford with out any cost.