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    May 5' 2021

    Dear Diary ,

    In the labyrinth of life my
    feet enmeshed , espied
    cradles gibbeted on the
    shoulders of skies they
    thought she in future will
    be their Achilles heel ,
    filicide her existence by
    limning fictitious customs

    Last night I met a colleen so peart and resplendent her presence . She plucked a strand of her hair then inhumed it . I observed her till the 7th tick of clock . In a bolt from the blue she vanished . Startled , I hared where she was sitting. I dug up that place and found a broken cradle and a black rose burgeoning with puffs of hiraeth and winds of audacity . Even in the dark grave she bloomed .

    //I learned how to be optimistic from a dead soul but sentient and alive heart//