• harvest_of_mind 63w

    Inspired by adwaita philosophy, which would put no less price on any one than the whole universe. Each one of us is worth the whole universe.

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    I longed to know my worth,
    I was part of a rubble-pile,
    then, used as a stone in construction.
    For ages, i was part of an edifice,
    till it fell apart,
    i lost my identity again.
    An official found me by the way,
    fancied my shape.. for use as paper weight.
    I spent decades as burden on papers,
    till the office was shut-down,
    and i was sold as scrap.
    A goldsmith passed-by the scrap-dealer,
    he dusted me, his eyes sparkled.
    He exchanged me for a gold coin,
    scrap-dealer thrilled at good deal.
    At last i was glad to know my worth,
    I screamed-out in excitement -
    Am i really worth a gold coin ?!!
    Goldsmith smiled, "You are priceless !
    The biggest raw diamond ever..
    worth the whole universe !!"