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    Geet, Bhatinda Ki Sikhni;
    a bright-chirpy sunflower
    in a field full of roses.
    who smiles from core of heart
    with tinch of sparkling eyes
    Reflecting happiness in galactic
    which makes her special,
    exceptional from all.

    Aditya, a cold feet baron;
    Imperiled for work bubble
    Plunged through the stress
    yet amidst holds lingered vibe.
    The one who fears to smile at zest
    drowns in a sea of responsibilities
    A mere firefly in saffron skies
    who belonged to gloomy night.

    They meet each other in
    the train journey of love.
    Geet drabbing out darkness
    and filling the YOLO motive,
    made him accept awful flaws
    optimising dim tunnel in him.
    Letting him explore life
    like there's no tomorrow.

    Life turned tables' for Geet.
    Her love for Anushman battered her,
    put her in misery of isolation.
    chaotically fear of lost soul,
    Aditya warmth her withered heart
    filled hidden valiance in her.
    Caged her out from tears of ink
    and let her fly from her horror.

    To stand by someone at
    their darkest stormy past;
    answers the peak of love.
    World says heartbreak
    is too cliche to clunch with,
    they proved it wrong all way.
    In a galaxy full of stars,
    you will always find the stellar.

    The realisation of love
    embraced slowly in them,
    promising no fear in dice of life.
    They held each other tight,
    the affinity of never letting go.
    Heart beating in rhythm,
    universe aligning them; for the story
    Happily ever after just started.

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