• tezpallabdas 80w


    A while agone , it seemed as if
    life is all sunshine and rainbows .
    Little did I care to notice the cliff
    That warned me of the perils , close.

    The day I realised , I had lost already
    The rhythm I vibed to , the time being.
    Light faded and now it seems all shady
    With me being a useless and lazy thing.

    How far will anybody reach , like this
    No purpose to be sure but time to waste.
    Nobody is going to look for an amethyst ,
    Because they will never find it in haste.

    Having slept off last night , with regrets
    Made me learn a lesson for the life I live.
    Learn through the falilures and upsets
    Instead of deciding to end it and leave .

    Having been through the varied tangents
    I have only hit the low rock bottom ,
    With every loss , life was sending agents
    To inform me of glitches , from Gotham.

    It is now the time for me to stand up,
    Live in the present ,not caring of the past
    Gathering the guts to tell straight up
    The mind to work error free and fast.

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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