• heartsease 16w

    Tell me about the colour of sky
    if it has gulped shores lately,
    will it be azure raining clear
    emotions to escort sunset from
    its dunes or will it be a pink mirror
    as fragile as bruises on ones skin
    reflecting clairvoyance betwixt
    storms, from the time no mariner
    sailed on the waves that kept rippling.

    Tell me about an eulogy
    tell me about the wounds bleeding
    through words,
    tell me graveyard is a vacant bottle
    gulping tears of nostalgia
    and spilling funeral notes.

    Tell me about the woman
    who sold the varnish of her smile
    to wear scars on her vehement heart,
    is she a mother gathering ashes
    to built castle in her womb for
    recruiting happiness of a child,
    or is she an autumn
    burying pain in her chest and
    flaunting feuillemort in tears
    to bid adieu fallen leaves
    which once on her existence blossomed.


    I love you now, it's been three days and you gave me every reason to be happy @writersnetwork ❤️

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    Tell me about myself,

    when the world won't