• shewriteslove 16w

    Empty Honeypot

    I no longer want to dance
    I no longer want to date
    I forever lost my chance
    And it now too late
    My honeypot is light
    No longer wants to fight
    I lie in my bed
    And keeps me up at night
    What of my dreams?
    The ones I had years ago?
    Of playing with a little girl
    With pretty little curls?
    Now I am awake
    Watching my impending doom
    My body not willing to cooperate
    With baring fruit
    It grew tired of the wait
    The days and years long gone by
    The exercise of the mind on useless things
    Money, cars and degrees
    And each day spent
    Without a man loving me
    It's my fault
    But I'm not alone
    The world is full of options
    And I'll only settle for one
    But in my stubbornness
    I realize he'll never come
    At least not inside