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    @manasaa Hey, happy sweet 16❤️ Ily

    Uninstalling mirakee now. Won't be installing for a month or so, thought anyone who would read this should know. Take care everyone.

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    Happy Birthday Manu❤️

    Hey Manu. A very happy birthday to you, I love you so much. You have been a constant from so many months, we did not talk for a couple of months due to my break but you, you had been there always reading me and talking to me. You're strong, lovely and an absolutely incredible person. I'm so glad I met you honestly, you're such a wonderful soul. I hope that as each day passes, you learn something and you keep growing, and that on your tough days, you find the strength to fight them and on your good days, I hope the happiness and the joy in them remains the same.

    You're loved, you're amazing. I hope you know that.

    I'm sorry I couldn't write something, I'm stuck and occupied with a lot of things. But just know, that I'm always there with you. Take care Manu, happy birthday once again.
    - Aradhya