• milliondreamsarekeepingmeawake 25w

    Life ~A bravura business of fate

    I have never experienced any major event . For me each and everyday of mine is like a little concrete, which is a part of that huge mountain struggle. And those water drops of ocean glued to each other by the cohesive force connecting the continents.

    When time slipped through the gaps of my fingers and adulthood kissed my lips i realized childhood was like that planet pluto who no longer belongs to my solar system. As toddler i used to wait for my father to come and pick me from my school but he never came and time forbade me from hearing those school bells anymore. That's how my school life ended. Those tears , no one ever noticed them . Those aches healed with time or i can say i accepted my fate.

    after five winters when i was graduating from my university, I longed to see those chapped brown lips to curve a little more , those pale palms to clap for me atleast once while i am delivering my graduation speech. But i was all alone there. Standing in the crowd hopeless, clueless not knowing what i had ever done to deserve this. Somehow they stopped making noises when moon peeped through the windows . And that's how the chapter of my university ended when i flipped the pages of my youth.

    After seven long summer while i was returning from my office , frustration written all over my forehead, sleep constantly forcing my eyelids to shut , i mistakenly took the shortcut choosing the dark alley to throw my half alive half dead body on the soft mattress , i saw a bunch of drunkards forcing themselves on a girl who is probably same age of mine . I punched them hard with out any delay and called the cops . They rescued the girl .

    When i tried to heal the Heart aches of that scared girl with my comforting words she told me , how her father never let her step out of her home alone, how her parents treat her like the princess of some fairyland , how her brothers protect her from every single storm . While trying to be there for her i don't know when jealousy embraced me . But when she broke into tears epiphany tightly clutched my hands. Yes I craved for the love of my father but I never wanted to be like that fragile girl.

    Life is like the Santacluz of Christmas who often fulfill our desires but always forget to tell about the pros and cons of our dreams . We always blame our fate and envy others comparing our lives with others. But deep down we all know we are satisfied with whatever we have . But like they say grass is greener on the other side we crush our soul under the wheels of discontent ignoring the silent suffering of others.