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    Echo Chambers:
    The modern drug which keeps one always high could be the proper definition of Social Media. The race between them is who keeps one always in their sight, as long as possible. When Humans here strive hard for resilience after all these traumas, here social media does strive for retention. For Example, Amazon online shopping gave the end-user the power to search for everything that they want to get delivered to their doorstep. Today when we turn back, no one is searching for anything and thanks to the AI which knows what we want already and when we open the page, it is already ready with the perfect recommendation. It is the same with other apps too. They have perfect recommendations so that they make people spend extra time there without even allowing them to search for something else. Don’t they sound alarming? It in the long term, affects the opinions of the user and the user is more inclined to believe something is good because of the opinions and the goodness he sees in a narrow vision and when something good comes from out of his circle, he never pays heed to them resulting in huge danger. Thus say a YouTube video affects the preference and that does not stop there it becomes his likes and he follows them everywhere making him a fanboy/girl for a product. Isn’t preferences private and who is allowed to tamper them? Check your YouTube page to find your preferences and you are not allowed to view something out of that.
    We all know these things. But what one is unaware of is where it is all heading. Are we rewriting our life for someone like them? Do one lose his personality in that process? Humans are constantly pushed into a bubble where they are fed with information and opinions and they are bothered much about their preferences. This leads to seeing only what a person wants to see or like leaving out social, political, environmental and other such real-world issues.
    The real problem starts here:
    The negativity on all news, things, happenings and so forth are only concentrated and the positives are slowly degrading. Take newspapers, for example, all twelve pages have negative news and some positive news as titbits. This happens because negativity spreads farther and faster than positive news and information. It gradually makes one think there is nothing positive happening in the world.
    False information:
    People after getting all this information they are less likely to be open-minded to take in other points of view resulting in a lack of knowledge and people tend to rely on the internet for everything. They stop trying to learn new things which are outside their likes and they tend to see them as contradiction and they never tend to know about more things because they are constantly served what they like and what they wish to see. They think of themselves as experts and they distance themselves from people who eventually disagree with their thoughts making them lonely. This inflated sense of confidence in what they know a little make them feel like expert providing hatred on people who have a difference in opinion in the fields of science politics, religion, and even in games. These insecurities and funnelled down false knowledge and becoming so narrow-minded takes them to isolation.
    People nowadays become so comfortable in doing things on their own, rather than seeking the help of others. Social animals as we are called once but now rely mostly on social media groups rather than actual friends, seek likes and shares rather than getting direct opinions, hate recipes to cook and order online. This will lead to reducing human efforts in every possible field and substituting them with machines and robots which can do them better, quicker and more efficient than a human counterpart. People getting so comfortable being alone and with a smartphone and this is scary. This dopamine hit and dramatic change of technology each year make one feel less excited when meeting a person. This makes one feel less attracted towards humans and at one point in time, no human will be needed for another human. This is a serious issue. A good example for this point is corona time and work from home scenarios and now people hate to go to school and even the working-class love being at home, switching off the videos and they want to avoid all necessary human contact and to chill out. Whoever reads this article must have crossed these two challenging years and let us all count for how many times we were happy switching on the cameras to attend/teach online? This shows how dangerously we are isolating ourselves from the rest of the real world. To be frank, even I feel tired and lazy to travel out meeting people when I can video call them. And online shopping made them even worse. Are we beginning to isolate? Every house has a corner engaged with the inmates with a phone. Is online becoming so engaging than our own families? Are humans boring? Nothing is forced upon us, but the scary thing though, we choose them.
    When all these combine, it turns anybody into anything they didn’t want to. People are so comfortable in being anonymous and they let out all their frustration on someone who is not at all reason for this. When this system is disturbed people tend to harm others virtually, thanks to the development of morphing and so on, which leads to so many suicides and stress. When a boy or a girl is isolated completely from a family when they encounter a threat online, they have no other place to go and they eventually end up their life. After all, their best friends are even the person with the same age group and they have little exposure as they do have. How could a NEET aspirant who is supposed to save so many people from suicides dies due to fewer grades and this shows how much he was in stress which cannot be shared or he had no one to share them, isolation. The more on relying on the internet, the more likely he tends to be absorbed by the likes and wants of it, rather than his. When there happens a protest or a rage, we feel happy that the power of social media has brought them together, but on the microscale, the protest began on social media, due to disagreement. An example of this is the latest issue of Zomato person who tried to make an issue on language tolerance and that problem eventually dragged the shares of Zomato down and we celebrate that, but actually, it happens to be a problem on social media and people did not think about that. The ultimate problem is surveillance.
    When people tend to live virtually, crimes do increase virtually, the government has to kick in and they have to lead something better for the future. They can hear all the conversations, arrest someone who searched for something on Google, and they can sentence someone to death because he had violated some policies virtually! Privacy is no more private and many countries are doing this already. Take China, for example, North Korea the country controls their people already. At this point, people started to rely more on computing rather than beliefs, knowledge and instinct. Anything which has a camera takes a close look at oneself 24/7 without the knowledge of the user or in another sense, without wanting to know the dangers. When these computers become so smart and when an average user could not figure out what is happening, people will tend to rely on or believe in someone who could handle them or understand them. For example, every social media is controlled by one company and as an average user, no one cares or knows how they function. So if there is a problem in the future no one is smart enough to fix it either the person who owns them tries to. Some smart minds on this planet control them, the data is controlled by them and they want people to like, feel, speak, and fight where they exactly want them to do. Whom do you trust now? There will be no choice in the future.
    Trying to learn more, becoming more accepting of others, having gratitude for the life we have today, loving others and having a detox from all electronics say for a day might help people to break this chain. People can try real hobbies, and stop feeling sorry for the past and appreciate what we have and what we are blessed with will help people to stop loving something virtual and will start loving real human beings. Technological developments had not brought people closer, but farther away. These two years of corona time made many realize but things worsened when people started to accept the way they live. Education must bring these real-life problems to light and teach future children how to survive these to become stronger to face more evils there to come.

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