• artemiswrites 7w

    I spent a substantial portion of the night of 9th to 10th May 2018, writing my first 'major' poem "Tainted Words" and then I spent a substantial portion looking for a platform to publish it. By a twist of glorious fate, I found @miraquill and the journey has only become sweeter since then.
    I can't imagine myself without Poetry, it is as much a part of me as my heart and it will remain so.
    Thank you to everyone who's supported me, who's left wonderful comments under my posts and who's reposted my posts. I'm so so grateful.
    Thank you to @writersnetwork and @miraquill for the constant encouragement as well.

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    Four years ago, I built a home
    that had firefly light for lanterns,
    curtains made of Autumn's red,
    floorboards made of Himalayan Cedar imagery,
    with none of the cruelty of the ax,
    a roof made of wisps of a thousand skies,
    furniture made of condensed music and
    a fireplace crafted out of the Monsoon,
    to house the sun

    Four years ago,
    I made a home for myself
    from the Art of Poetry,
    and this home has always welcomed me
    with its warm freshly baked bread smile
    ever since.