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    How Fog recombined them

    It wasn't easy for her to walk
    Along the road darkened with
    The light of fog
    But she tried so hard to get
    Through it
    Nothing seemed clear to her
    Where she is going to
    She got so confused
    But moved on
    finally she reached to the
    Door, where she met a boy
    Looking so handsome ,
    He was living here alone
    The girl was trembling with
    Coldness ,
    He put her hands in his hands
    Seeing her keenly
    The girl was him with
    Fearful eyes ,full of shyness
    After introduction she felt
    Exhaulirated as he was her childhood
    Who left that village ,only because
    Of her
    When she consistently refused her
    But the girl was in search of him
    From those years
    As she felt her Essence after her
    Departure .
    Sometimes the things which
    Cause us to devaite
    Tend to be the ones
    Which makes the perfection in
    Our lives.
    Like the devaition created by fog
    Here tended to be the reason for
    The two loving souls to meet again .