• pallishreepattanayak 110w

    Mustering enough courage
    to check the bleeding from heart .
    Nop !Let it flow
    Let it flow to make an ocean
    Ocean of a poet's blood.
    Pondering over life's silhouette
    Unseen a soft palm touches my
    shoulder in darkness
    in silence &
    eventually wipes out
    my fears &phobias
    Tonight too my sky is full
    with black clouds
    &I know he will come
    astounding to touch my soul
    tonight too tears will roll down
    my cheekbones,let them flow.
    There is none in the world
    who has no gray story
    who has got everything
    who am I ?
    who are you ?
    Can any one be a poet
    without bleeding from heart &eyes ?
    I'm happy not getting him
    makes me a poet.
    He is the only star,let him be.