• heartsease 45w

    And every time I stare at darkness,
    the only thing I see is light.

    This was supposed to be temp post... Ughhh thank you @writersnetwork

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    When nights gulp sunsets,
    I see a wounded soul etching demons upon its skin
    every night she pierce her heart with metaphors
    and raise despair under the gown of her sins.

    Nightmares embellish her scars, which
    she draws with scissors, some days with quills too,
    she bleed rhymes rather than blood
    when a glass of red wine leads her to nailed pew.

    She chums with darkness and
    crowns her head with stoned nostalgia,
    she puts hiraeth to sleep like a mother
    and weaves eulogies to light up phobia.

    People fetch her kindness with gossamers
    and sucks forever out of her memories,
    while solace no more provide healing
    and she drowns in her own poetries.

    She brews scented cobwebs in graveyards
    to resurrect her living corpse,
    she welcomes death whole heartedly
    by enamelling scandals after baptising her flaws.

    She breathes through funeral notes
    while bleeding through eyes,
    she ignites all the courage
    when her smile fade into sighs.