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    She's happy-go-lucky, seldom forlorn
    Her sign is the lion, she's Leo born
    She loves cats and dark chocolate, but perhaps not together
    She likes when it's warm out, with sun-shiny weather
    But wait - then again, she loves a good storm!
    With lightning and thunder, while at home, safe and warm
    She's familiar with dragons and fairy fae
    She loves when the fireflies come out to play
    The world is her playground, all people - new friends
    She loves a good book, but can't stand when it ends
    Desserts are her favorite, and all kinds of food
    Most oft, if you see her, she's in a good mood
    Her hubby is handsome, her kids are quite grand
    She's not one for structure, so she leaves things unplanned
    Sometimes she's a rebel, but just now and then
    Case in point, this here penning, has more lines than 10.
    ©Carolyn Glackin 7/14/2021