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    Okay, this one is for all the amazing writers, I love to read.
    @fellowtraveller ��

    P.S :- Daisy flower refers to hope, new beginnings.

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    Among the roses,
    You are a daisy.

    Oh writer make me the nib of your pen,
    As you write, Let me swirl in the
    direction of your hands.
    Let me read you before anyone does.

    Oh writer make me the nib of your pen.
    Let me be your sun and rain
    Give me all you pain.
    I'll be your grace.

    It's okay if you'll try hundred times and fail
    After all no one is born with all the zeal.

    I hope you won't write things that are scripted,
    I hope you won't bribe love that's fated .
    I hope you won't trespass metaphors
    for the perfection that has no definition.
    Oh writer make me the nib of your pen.

    The surreal fantasy and facts,
    are the gifts I love wrapped.
    Wrapped by words instead of gift covers,
    Consisting of lessons and emotions instead of articles.

    Nothing is easy in life and that's a given.
    But eventually things will fall in place.
    The way they're meant to.
    Flowing with the wind isn't easy.
    But holding on won't grow roots either.

    So, till the stars twinkle
    Sun shines
    Moon reflects
    Rivers flows
    And oceans wavers
    Let me blink and read those verses.
    Oh writer make me the nib of your pen.

    - reader