• aleesa 11w

    he thought she's a butterfly
    when she held the cascading flares
    of her little white gown
    her blonde hair was the brightest hue
    of his grey life
    hopping and spinning in her dress
    she'd make the flowers grow
    in her father's withering world
    the crimson of sunsets, roses and clouds;
    that's what her favourite colour was
    the same colour that dripped
    through her slitted throat and bleeding thighs
    when her father found her at the end of street
    beneath the flickering light of lamppost
    3 gunshots and 26 heartbeats
    that's what it took for her father
    to kill the rapist and tear him apart
    contentment and bliss flooded his eyes
    as he held his head high with pride
    and put around his neck, his jewel and prize
    the knot of the death rope and left everything behind
    the inhumane world and its humans

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