• flame_ 40w

    Let us celebrate this diwali.
    Full of love instead of crackers,
    Exchange words of kindness,love
    And empathy to your loved ones,
    Share their happiness as well as woes,
    Lets burn the hatred inside our hearts,
    And light a wonderful wick of eternal love,
    That will never diminish and flicker,

    Let us have a new start,
    Let us join our hands together
    To help each other,
    As a good citizen of this country !!
    And a good human being too,
    We will always be there ......
    Unitedly ,
    We will clean our homes,
    But also take care of motherland too....
    By sacrificing our gratification which we get by bursting crackers,
    And avoid this lovely air to get contaminated,
    By harmful chemicals !!

    Will u do ?!
    Will u contribute ??
    Will u celebrate diwali of love......
    Talk to people,
    Show them your love...
    Open your heart before them,
    And feel lighter !!
    Shine ur inner light...
    Contentment will always be in your part as well as sight !!

    Bitterness will happen,
    Bad times will come,
    But promise to be as strong as diyas....
    To keep ur light....
    Full with oil....
    Pack up ur energies...
    And if it gets emptied !!
    With time,
    Refill again with positive attitude !

    I know it is tough...
    Not that much easy to refill,
    But soon
    Everything will be alright,
    Trust me we can make a new world
    By only only only
    Spreading love and happiness����������������������������������

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    Lovely Diwali !!

    Diwali of love