• lunarrainbow 25w

    Shadow of the wind

    Oh it's night again
    And the dark just killed the sun,
    If the light must end
    You've got time to run away.

    There's a door to dreams
    And it always lets you in
    But with a silent scream
    All the nightmares must begin.

    Still you chase what you can't see
    Like death and pain and sin
    And the shadow of the wind.

    You'll remember me,
    I could make you disappear,
    Be where you want to be
    Just as long as it's not here.

    Well I'm back and stronger
    And "the first one's always free"
    And if it lasts much longer
    You can bet your sanity..

    Never more the victim cries
    As I slip beneath the skin
    Like the shadow of the wind.

    If words had names like red and green
    And two for sympathy
    Black and white and in between
    Then you'd be misery..

    Every day is an inquisition
    Who are you? What are you? Why?
    I'm alive, I belong, I'll be back!
    It's a half truth, still a whole lie.

    In the garden of good and evil
    You'll go, but you know
    The spider's the only one that spins..

    The shadow of the wind