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    Colour is the touch to the eye,
    music to the deaf,
    a word out of the darkness.

    Humans get hungry for blue,
    It seems: to hold the sea in their hands,
    To wear the sky in their hair,
    To drape themselve in the hazy blue of distant mountains.
    Blue is more than a colour: It is a feeling.
    We don’t say that we feel orange or
    But we say we feel blue when our souls are sad and heavy.
    We play or sing or listen to the blues to express this sensation.
    Like any colour, it cannot be adequately
    described with words, only experienced,
    known through the eyes and the soul..

    Do you know these days?
    These days when the alarm rings,
    and there's no energy left to get up because you think that today nothing will change and nothing good will happen anyway?
    I had that feeling when I woke up this morning.
    The dream I had dreamt passed into the next day without any transition, and I cried myself awake.
    The alarm rang. I felt horrible, and I didn't know where I was. My dreams have always been very vivid, very real – it can be a blessing and a curse.
    Today it had been a curse.

    Usually, you cry yourself to sleep – but on particular days, you cry yourself awake. Years ago, which I can count on the fingers of both of my hands, I would have felt very much at home in this feeling. I would have wallowed in it. Melancholy had been my very best friend for oh so many years. But it's not like that anymore. Life is radiant and colourful. Even though there are days that seem dull and grey.
    But even those days will pass.

    Joy is an active choice. Sometimes you have to even fight for it. But one day, you will be richly gifted.
    Then you will gain something that weighs more than all the loneliness, the guilt, the sadness:
    Pure life.

    Some time ago, I consciously decided against surrendering to the grey within me.
    And I promised myself to leave my bed every day, even on the days that seemed dull and grey, and to throw myself into the day the same way I wanted to throw myself into life. Life is the only thing we can call our very own. And if the grey appears to be too grey, one has to show one's true colours.
    Inside and out.

    And that's why I wear red
    Because a pop of colour can frighten
    Away the grey.

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    Some expect everything.
    Some expect nothing.
    And at the end of the day
    We all look at the same world
    - just with different colours in mind.

    © Fatty_07.