• secondchild 97w


    Purity and love are Biological twins
    The intimacy with innocence,the war of lust and affection,the shadow in the corner when the Broken soul weeps and the paranormal nights of delusion where the mirage of our love dominates our sleep .
    We care in our very conscious state and do what love needs and show what it means.
    But is consciousness necessary to portray the best art of affection and love ?
    The algorithm to be the best artist of the non fiction play of relationship guides us in every step to decorate the work of Cupid and give it the best turn that it deserves .
    But is the script too weak to understand the purity of the art which was present in the classical form of its origin.
    Love is a methodical act of representing affection in every possible way where unconsciously we display our best performance on the stage of life.
    There is no need to remember the algorithm or your dialogues but the impromptu portrayal of feelings shows the true essence of what you possess in a very pure state.
    There is a lot to understand on the way ,but the feel of affection should remain pure as long as you stay.