• not__so_poetic 17w

    Locked in a dark room
    When I first saw you
    Hugging your knees
    With darkness around you
    Tired of trying and sobbing
    Dried up tears and pale fingers
    The thought of you lifeless
    Made my heart ache
    I broke the door just to see you
    And the light rays pierced
    Through your dark room
    Too scared to touch you
    I took a step back
    So you could see the light!
    You took a long breath
    Just to raise your head
    That's when I saw those eyes
    Shining in the dark
    With a little new hope
    You thought I was your saviour
    Little did you know
    Even in broad daylight
    I couldn't see any colour
    Until I saw you through that window
    Heedless of day or night
    We light up each other
    To live a new little hope
    A new little life!!