• jikimi 29w


    Darling, only a true lover can answer me these questions ♡

    Not a wod, nor a challenge..

    Random thoughts that I swear are #lame .

    Finally the news is here

    ****inactive till some days*******

    Overthinking and exams led me do this...

    I will be back soon...

    I might suddenly pop out someday... if it becomes too unresistable to not not meet u all ♤

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    My love,

    Are you a thief?
    Cause you unhindered stole my heart..

    Are you blood?
    Cause every drop of you survives in my veins..

    Are you oxygen?
    Cause without you, life seems impossible...

    Why aren't you a liar?
    Cause your truths about you loving me leaves me red faced...

    You love me heartedly,
    But why don't you let the words escape your mouth?

    Is that the perfume?
    Or you yourself that attracts me so much..

    Why is it?
    That I had to keep my books down even after being a bookaholic when you sight me ?

    What's that in your voice?
    That drags me after your vocal chords show up

    Why do you love me?
    What is that in me that calls you?
    Why do you only "love" me ,
    Can't we be just "friends"?

    What is love?
    To you is it just fancying an average, introverted and poetism loved girl who sticks up with books?