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    "You're too different." - he said.

    "How so?" - she asked.

    "When no hand gave a try,
    When you had an emotional wreck,
    Broken wings of hope,
    Flying in the cerulean sky
    by your own, was a lie.

    You left your bruised memories
    with a mauve wreath,
    To abound the chains of open
    You savoured mystified decisiveness."
    - he replied.

    She whispered,
    "When unfathomable questions go
    beyond extremities in your head,
    When vocal chord with perspicuous
    answers are hard to find,
    Everyone becomes a poet to voyage
    in search of themselves, where they
    lost their soul once upon a time,
    Everyone becomes a poet,
    Everyone becomes a poet. "

    #wod #end @miraquill @writersnetwork

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