• rincythewriter 9w


    I Wake up
    And see windows of rain...
    The leaves dancing into the clouds.
    The breathe smells heavenly.
    I take every step with relaxed mind.
    My soul is fruition,my eyes are star lights.
    The glow flows...
    I am romanced with life.
    The colours are shades .
    I walk into the meadows and feel the sunlight following me from every corner from flower to flower....
    I am no longer in sollitude .
    I love the languages of puppies.
    The pure form of music system are flies.
    For the years,
    I haven't felt this way.
    I feel universe holds me,and I feel the reflection of love and warmth.
    I keep my mind on pillow and it goes to sleep fluently.
    I feel the melody of life.
    Thankyou life for all these blessings...,