• suranjana__ 75w

    The abditory let myself know the secrets behind the walls

    Virtually when the abendrot formed
    In the cerulean tincture of the airspace
    I and female sibling commenced
    On playing blind man's buff
    And the finest spot for me to secrete was
    In the chamber of the bygone house
    We resided when my forefathers were breathing.
    As sister made a count from 1 to 10
    I silently advanced to the chamber
    Full of cobwebs, grime, old fitments
    Covered with undyed clothes.
    I catched my sister's bangles making chik sounds
    And knew she was coming and in hasten
    I went towards the wall and got myself slithered
    And discovered myself in an another orb
    Opps!!Sorry another unrevealed orb.
    A chamber of memoirs, charts, epistles and scripts.
    I was aghast for a minuscule.
    Even the arachnid near gazed at me
    For being so amazed.
    As I took one of the memoirs
    I sneezed sounding accho so loud that
    Sister came to the chamber knowing I was there
    And quickly I went to the other chamber
    And accepted myself as the loser of the frolic.
    But for a while it didn't matter I won or lose
    Only mattered was the secret behind the wall
    The chamber, scripts and memoirs full of dust.
    The abditory of mine now seemed to be
    More hidden with secrets rather than
    Being my hide and seek abode.