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    Happiest birthday gaurav ��May God bless you.



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    A list with a twist.

    The ukelele's euphony serenaded the blue sky when you held the ukelele & played the first chord & the soft nylon strings with your fingers dancing to the tune struck the hearts of heeders & warmed up the ambient. The chords whisked away the noise lingering around leaving behind peace to be relished by us.

    A wordsmith landed between thousands of faces with a pen and a paper looking upto him waiting for him to kill the pain lying behind the words or in between them.Or the figment that your words left behind with monsters & the immortal black roses or the snow that melts with rain running back to the throng that drowns in the hypnotism of the phrases coming wildly out of the mighty pen.

    Year with virus strangling our sore throats I caught a whiff of friendship around me from a human healing sore hearts with the tunes that still lies somewhere deep inside my ears & still soothes my soul.The stupid talks & the laughter that echoed months before still makes me smile wide.

    One of the best things that happened to me last year is you becoming one of my good friends. Thank you for existing.