• akilanoso 100w

    This world is an unforgiving place. One mistake and you are out of league. One bad behaviour and you are no less evil. People dont understand that we are made of many things. Good and bad. Highs and lows. Sad and happy. A single phase do not decide someones fate.
    Every coin has two sides.
    While everyone focuses on the good side. No one teaches to deal with the other side. And that's where Karma comes into picture.
    I question myself sometimes, Am I really a bad person?? Is this all my karma? Do I really deserve all the negativity? I might be then!! Huh.
    Most of the times I fall for it too hard and trust me nothing is more difficult then acceping it, that yes you might be.
    And then there is this gulp, you take everything down with you and you dont want to fight and resist anymore. You sulk and sulk and sulk.

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    Dark Days