• eurusgrey 48w

    I am the golden dew
    on the eyelashes
    of an angel
    or maybe a warrior,
    what is the difference, anyway?
    Dancing in the cold
    like a ray of
    sunshine in the fog
    of January,
    scattering warmth
    and hope.

    I am the scar
    etched deep in the heart
    of a little girl,
    with freckles like
    scattered stars
    on a moonless night
    and the burning sun
    consuming her eyes;
    mending wounds
    instead of breaking dolls,
    she peaked a little too early
    and faded away
    into poetry.

    I am the smile,
    beguiling and broken,
    on the lips of a sailor
    who has seen way many storms
    than meant for a wanderer;
    ruthless and fierce,
    he has felt the wrath of the sea;
    on nights he longed for home,
    he sailed even further
    and turned into a figher;
    he still longs for home,
    but he is lost way too deep
    to remember
    what it feels like anymore.

    //I am the fallen leaf
    of a forlorn autumn,
    carrying sins and secrets
    of all the seasons.//

    Thank you, Senpai.�� @writersnetwork
    @mirakee woah. Kaafi Shukriya ❤

    Thank you everyone for reading, heartfelt.♡

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