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    For this reason, to save money he didn't return to his village for the past five years. Now, again, it is a never fulfilling dream until he gets a promotion in his company. His salary will be raised and he is quite confident that the project he has submitted this day after so much of tiring efforts are all worth getting a selection.

    He also had some good friends in his workplace. Anika, Rahul and Deepak. The only discomfort he had with them was, they were all from well equipped families because of which he found it a little difficult to talk about his burdens and sorrows to them. They didn't know what it seems like to have burden in life.

    He was drowning in all these thoughts and it was 12 midnight. He had to reach the office on the other day so he closed his windows and made his bed to sleep. He couldn't sleep but he had to.

    The next day as Mithun reached his office, Anika came aside him. Her smile was fascinating and irradiated positive energy. She was the only of his friends who has sincerely tried to know him and support him.
    Anika asked, "Why do you look exhausted this morning itself?"
    "Why do you ask that?" Mithun doubted.
    "I can read it from your face. By the way, when have you planned to meet your parents? To return to your village?"
    "I don't know. I haven't planned yet."
    "Then you should probably stop worrying about 'when?' One day it will happen. Alright?"
    "Alright." He smiled, nodded his head.
    Rahul abruptly came from nowhere and interfered, "Hey you both! What's it Mithun? Parents again?" He looked piercingly and asked.
    He turned to Anika, "Come on! I've told you. He won't change. Like little children, crying to see his parents."
    Mithun felt embarassed. He could bear it anytime but not infront of Anika.
    Anika felt angry, "Stop it Rahul !!!"
    "Oh! I was just making it funny. Sorry Mithun !
    I wanted you to smile. And I know I'm rude often, but I'm always sorry for it too."
    "Hey Hey !!! That's fine my friend." Mithun remarked.
    "Yeah !!! And Anika I've got something special for you." Stated Rahul and he took Anika to his cabin for giving his gift for her.


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