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    Beyond those white clouds,i wanna go..
    But I do not know why I feel so low,
    tough some sadness seems to bind me strong..
    I always try my best not to be wrong..

    I am feeling so pure every moment..
    The clouds which r carrying my heart r not stagnant..
    THIRST is what dat keeps me going,
    But i do not know why d hell! it is not showing?..

    Coz i am a hopeful man, i love myself..
    But i want to know “where do I stand??”..
    I dream all my Dreams, nevertheless i ponder..
    What is d reason i do not conquer???..

    D sequence always remains d same.
    Everytime optimism is followed by pessimism..
    Nd this mirrors my life just like a STRONG prism..
    each day i rediscover myself, as demand my objectives i pray.

    With INSPIRATION from within i CHARGE,
    It is my life nd i try to make it large..
    I sometimes crave from within for a sweetheart..
    When i do not hear a voice,i myself take d start.

    My dreams will come true some day,
    D rules will be mine that day..
    I am so happy today,as i have not accepted defeat..
    It is a promise dat this untiring person will never lose d heat.

    Like a child when i look towards d twinkling stars,
    they seem to heal all my scars..
    Now i know ‘my objectives’ dat too very strong..
    I am ready for EVERY challenge, Just bring it on!!

    Now read out this, as this is D BEST..
    A medicine for one’s trouble is “HE HIMSELF”.
    Just forget everything nd start loving yourself..
    When you know things r going wrong,
    Do not lose heart nd just be super strong..

    Just want to say, do nOt be fake nd be urself..
    Do whatever you think is deemed to be fit..
    It is wen things r going wrong,
    you must not quit..

    With Love,
    A Free Bird
    Copyrights reserved 🙂