• yours_truely 51w

    Honestly speaking! I don't believe in love anymore, soulmates neither : )

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    He was :/

    For my heart, lost in darkness for too long
    He was like the sunshine's only song
    For my heart, maybe broken at many places
    He was like the magical bandaid's traces
    For my heart that messes over trust
    He was the one who came in it first
    For my heart that often thinks a lot
    He was the one whose thoughts it had got
    For my heart that can't get over grief
    He was equal to the sigh of relief
    For my heart that really had many scars
    He was the one who showed it stars
    For my heart that suffered with every nerve
    He was the one whom it gave all its love
    For my heart that was a true selenophile
    He was its moon for a good long while
    For my heart that cried over fate
    I think he was my eternal soulmate