• rani_shri 21w

    So you're here now,and I'm a bit free so I can I write a letter to you for your birthday.

    Dear Prachi,

    I remember that last year we met here and became friends and sisters. I had wished you last night only . It was toatlly unexpected that you'll see that wish but you responded and that made me very happy. And what did u ask that i didn't forget you? No my love I didn't forget you. You tell me that how and why do I forget you? I haven't forget anything related with you all our relation,the relation of sisters, friends, writers, and readers.

    I haven't forget the support you give to me, the encouragement you always put for me. I didn't forget that you had taken my interview and how can I forget your interview questions? How do i forget your considerations and love for me. No never I can't forget you ever.

    Didi always had loved you and will be loving you.

    Here is something for you

    Practically she is love
    Pretty girl is she
    Roses smell when she smiles
    Really closer to me.

    Acts as so tactical
    Actually she is real
    Care she likes mother earth
    Cures of her are special.

    How do I forget her
    How do I forget her love and respect
    In the world, she won't forget me
    Is all I expect.

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Prachi @wannabecreative God bless you my little pie. Be happy with what you're and what you've. May success always touch you and your back to give you the wings of recognitions. Loads of love������❤❤��������������������������������������

    Yours Didi

    (While sitting on scooty and on mid way I wrote this one but my love is pure for you. Wanted to write more but couldn't. So sorry for that����)

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    Pretty she
    Real to me
    Amazing glee
    Cures like a tree
    Having honesty
    Infinitely .
    Happy birthday Prachi