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    The Heritage Which Knows No Boundary

    When it comes to Indian heritage
    Taj Mahal or Ajanta Caves is always
    on tip of the tongue
    next maybe the two epics
    but there's more to this subcontinent.
    We have a rich culture, everyone knows
    but only few can go beyond prestigious monuments
    and fewer beyond folk dances.
    Something whose limit is till infinity,
    where culture takes a new form
    with every next kilometre,
    is what makes it a rich diversity.
    May it be Bharatanatyam,
    or Manipuri
    or lavani, bihu, ghoomar
    these aren't just hand movements
    but are stories of our culture
    embellished with a colourful attire.
    From the line drawings of Mithila art
    to Puri's Jagannath Temple
    from the dancing girl of Mohenjodaro to Tanjore Art
    the number of tourists are evident
    for their stories
    or half story and half mystery,
    becoming famous worldwide.
    From namaskara
    to swastik
    and to keeping guests equivalent to God
    is what our traditions teach.
    common to most religions,
    adheres to the religious etiquette
    and is the harbinger
    of one of the oldest traditions.
    So, this is a heritage
    with plethora of shades
    which conflate various cultures,
    where bucolic streets
    bring us closer to our traditions,
    whose tales are beautiful with mysteries,
    which violate scientific laws
    and creates its own definition
    'cause it's India my dear
    whose freedom and heritage
    can't be defined within the boundaries of words.