• curiouss_one 34w

    There's run a lot of thoughts in my mind
    That makes me stop and keeps me bind
    With the mistakes I done in past
    Stopping me to think that the future is vast
    I'm alone left with no one
    Just because of the running demons
    In my mind and my thoughts
    If I do anything secretly
    I always get caught
    I do that because I don't get freedom
    They don't understand that now I'm grown up
    But it's not their mistake
    This is the fear that society creates
    In the mind of our parents
    Society does everything but the
    Victim had to pay the rent
    They judge you for the things they don't know
    God did a funny thing
    He kept their thoughts small
    And let their body grow
    I'm just kept in the golden cage of thoughts
    Waiting for the day when my dreams got true
    I know I will do that one day
    Because God always kept open a way