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    // S H O W R O O M M I R R O R S //

    Yet again, another dweller
    drooling for those designer bags.
    Yet again, another folk
    picking the dirt with his rags.
    While I, the omnipotent reflector of truth;
    look over everything,
    like the angels who descend from the elysian ether.

    The two sides of me have perceived it all.
    Blankets on the concrete pavements,
    Wildflowers blossoming between the cobblestones;
    Tires wrecking havoc while they lie asleep,
    Vivid lights sparkling an unattainable aura.
    Well-off exhibiting their wealth behind me
    white faces yearning for a cent in bleak winters before me.

    Twilight hits with ringing bells
    when keepers arrive with hopes of
    getting affluent entwined in their monopoly again.

    Yes I've perceived it all with my prowess
    while wandering astray in my sonder.
    A personnel with avarice discernible on his face,
    during the onset of daybreak,
    looking for a present for his overseer
    or rather an offering to quench his satiety of pinnacle.
    An adolescent in a tattered attire
    seeking alms from the gentleman with wrapped caskets.
    A lady in red peeping through the sides of her sunglasses
    scoffing at the versaces behind me
    while holding onto her louis vuitton.
    A lover hastening his way inside
    to convey his lavish ardor to his beloved.
    The working class drooling and envying
    those forlorn futile wallets with no memoirs inside.
    And at the end of the pavement,
    under the glinting streetlights
    stood a lover of metaphors beholding this bedlam.

    Born in factories, where minors toiled
    under their (k/bl)ind padrones,
    I've led a luxury loaded life.
    But I wonder sometimes if I was a mortal,
    would I have embraced those cobblestones of this pavement
    or hung upon those crummy cash cultures?
    Still, I wish I would not desire for epicaricacy
    rather I find being a muffled mirror
    more compelling than a crooked wise.
    I'd prefer gazing reticently at those cerise evenings
    and cyanine dusks anytime
    than being a callous creature with a love
    for sweaty and forlorn bits of paper.

    ~ Medha


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