• nakkupulli 24w

    When the moon wants ( story part :- 1)

    Saran finally picked up the phone which was going off on and on. He moved his lips between an utter urgency and a reluctancy and said ," hello, yes dear , I was just waiting for your call" .
    "Liar , you were avoiding my phone." Said Neha with an emphasis to prove her argument. They both had been in relationship for 5 years. They both wanted to settle together, they both wanted to marry each other but their destiny had something else. Saran, for a year , had been looking for a job after being convinced by her to leave writing that was not enough to sustain themselves after marriage. That time , her stolid response made him perplexed but he somehow managed not to give way to that response. He put a great effort to hide his anxiety by clearing his throat and said a bit confidently ," that's not right, I'm not liar . Trust me ; I'm telling the truth". She didn't say a word just after he finished, then few seconds later . She said softly, " Did you get the job? When will you get the job ,when will we marry? Tell me baby." The last word vanished all his anxiety and hesitation. It gave a kind of zest that he felt in his veins that he got confident and told with excitement " Baby , don't worry, everything will be in right time. We will marry and everything will be okay. "
    " Have you got the job?" She ,at once, asked the question again.
    " Well, yes " , he lied without any enthusiasm. And further added ,"look this job is amazing, I'll get good money, soon , we will get settled."
    He had a hopelessness which he didn't let choke his voice , but , he got muted all of sudden , she waited for his next sentence, thinking he had finished, she said in childish manner , " really, but when?"
    " When the moon wants?" The response came rapidly like a gun fire as he would know what he had to respond. However, Neha got irritated; she didn't like him saying that. Because whenever she would ask about their marriage or settlement , he would often divert her by saying that sentence as if it was the solution to every problem. But what it meant Neha had never known and saran would never tell her. That time, however, she was adamant, she wanted to know what it meant. So, she asked with a little sarcasm.
    " Oh ' when the moon wants' tell me precisely when will your moon want and if you can be grateful towards me so please tell me what does this mean ?"
    " Oh you want to know. You will definitely know when the moon wants." He said humorously and suddenly someone called him and he bade her bye and hang up the phone. Neha was annoyed with all that . But she trusted him and somewhere believed that the moon would definitely want them to be together.