• shreyah 6w

    Brown water and a home
    of clay; a little marigold
    gazing at the brightest ray.
    I overheard the lips sipping
    the red, red wine that the
    green town is more than

    A lady working by the
    riverside, fragrance oozing
    off the mustard to festoon a
    bride. I overheard the revels
    staling with passage of time
    that the scented town is more
    than divine.

    Light hearts beating at a lighter
    pace, mornings don't sponsor
    the habitual rat race. I overheard
    the tainted welkin envying the
    pious skyline that the peaceful
    town is more than

    ©shreyah || 16-10-21



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    Looking for peace, gulping constant rage.
    My urban mind pines to settle in village.