• ___babumosaiiiii 18w

    Don't wait for someone to say that they love you.

    Always Feel like you are someone's love.

    You should be proud of yourself,

    being in love with someone for whom you're the fantasy.

    Be the image of there's imagination.

    Be a reflection of someone's shadow.


    2022 Being single is not like that.

    it's even, twice as much as you,
    multiple of you.

    Not once but every time.

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    Kuch khamoshiyon sa hu mein
    Usme alfaaz bhare hain tuhne

    Kuch khawahishon sa hu mein
    Usme khawb bhare hai tuhne

    Kuch khudgarz sa hu mein
    Usme kaabil banaya hai tumne

    Kuch kitaab sa hu mein
    Usme kuch kaagach bhare hain tuhne

    Kuch kichad sa hu mein
    Usme gulaab khilaya hai tumne

    Kuch khubsurat raat sa hu mein
    Usse parchayi bhanaya hai tumne