• aesthetexx 63w

    What is poetry for you?
    Someone, once asked me,

    It's the pale moonlight falling on my face through the window,
    it's the lavenders dancing in my field like ballerinas,
    it's the burbling brook striking to meet the sea,
    it's the striking of the clock when I'm trapped in the quilt of silence,
    it's the whistling of wind chimes when zephyrs come home,
    it's the smile of the innocent kid I met on the street,
    it's the petrichor that dearest rain brings along,
    it's the hope residing in my each bone which keeps me whole,
    it's all the chaos residing in my subconscious,
    it's the joyful memories that tear me apart,
    it's all the false lies every poet's ever said,
    it's the forgotten love buried deep in my heart for you,
    it's my wilted soul I keep in the pages of my journal,
    it's the ambrosia nectar that makes me quietly eternal,
    It's the morning cup of coffee in your lover's arms,
    It's the parched sky touching the serene oceans,
    It's the good night kiss of your mother ,
    It's the gentle touch of perky winds on your delicate cheeks,
    It's in the teary smile of an old man meeting his son,
    It's the solitary evening on your balcony after a strenuous day,
    It's in the smile you lended to a stranger on the bus,
    It's in those special people named as friends,
    It's the flood of ecstasy while seeing the old childhood photographs,
    It's the first kiss under the blissful ceiling of sky and the faint streetlamp,
    It's the bleak nights haunted by fiends and ephialtus,
    It's all of the bad days and scary nights,
    It's the pain of your heart,
    It's the kindness you have inside your beautiful soul,
    It's our little frivolous heart loving the world
    It's the long tight hug around your favorite person,
    It's in the very words of this poetry,
    It's when the sky fell in love with the earth,
    It's when we fell in love with the stars,
    It's the gracefully aesthetic scars of the moon and your own self.

    Poetry is nothing but words falling in love with each other,
    Along with all the metaphors and imageries kissing and dancing,
    To the music of our own soul.

    - _firefly and Ananya

    Collab with one of the best person here @_firefly . ❤

    Firefly and me thanks WN so so muchh :")))

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