• sumayah_ams 19w

    Walk on my heart barefoot

    Dear love,
    Walk in the alley of this heart barefoot.

    On the right
    could you sniff the roses you planted that November.
    Or the scars you plucked on weathering July?

    In the air
    could you inhale the aroma of our first stumble.
    Or the first salaam you uttered and i replied?

    On the left
    could you see the honey browns that never met
    Or the pitch dark lashes that never rebelled?

    In the corner
    Could you see the olive green shirt you wore.
    Or the dark black loafer which adorned your heels.
    Or the misty view of black watch that embellished your right wrist.
    Or the pair of spectacles that concealed your deep browns.

    On the ground
    Could you see your footprints untouched.
    The one you left on the November's night.

    // Where did this fondness comes from.
    We only met for once.
    We only spoke for once.
    Our eyes met for once never
    But our heart accepted us
    For once and forever //