• aparnamemoir 16w

    Night sky glistening with the moonlight;
    Like strings of pearls stars radiates with their magical light,
    She in her room shuffling through her old records;
    Picking up the one and let it pull the chords,
    Smell of Jasmine from her garden engulfs her mind;
    She hugging herself starts listening to the song,
    Like the burning candle at her side;
    Her face starts shining in the dim light
    With every notes of the song,
    She starts feeling all the deep emotions in the depth of her heart,
    She took a pen and starts framing the words;
    Like the caterpillar beautiful words evoked takes the shape of a fairy from the other world;
    With every stroke of her magical wand
    She leaves the stardust of the pixie love on the Earth
    Giving all the love the mother divine RightNow

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