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    Day -11

    Dear stranger
    Have you ever felt that life's been so unfair to you like
    someone has literally given your address to all miseries and mundane moments, it feels like the trouble and uncertainties of life are knocking upon your door, the crowd is shouting and screaming and your heart's frozen stuck, numb at a place, you crawl around the bathroom floor to seek a breath of fresh air, you choke your head under the bedsheets to shut the echoes of negative thoughts, you just smile and cry and even fear your own shadow at times, no sunlight or silver moon grants you a ray of hope, failure is a big word and expectations is even bigger than this, it crushes down your chest with endless cries, you feel the nights are longest, the most fearful nightmares are blooming in your eyes, you feel the fear of missing out that even if you're present here does it even matter? And if you have ever felt so can i today say
    Hey buddy same pinch... !!

    Well i know your problems and mine problems are far apart but truth is we all are at war with ourselves on daily basis. But what makes a difference is " hope" Yess, i think the perception of looking at your problems makes a whole lot of difference one thing my father always quoted was that the mere difference between coal and diamond is the determination to shine and patience to suffer, to stand strong against all the heat and pressure, if you need to climb the cliff of success at times you will surely loose your breath, the avalanche of agitation, frustration will surely pull your body away, you may even slip few times but tell me if you just stop taking a further step over again how would you ever succeed right?

    They say if you never know how bitter is the failure,the sweet success will never quench your soul then it requires sweat and blood both to fulfill a dream,i won't lie by saying when we miss a hit and we feel we just let everyone down, the sinking expectations in our loved ones eyes doesn't ache much yes it hurts, it hurts insecurities self doubt are bound to creep in but the choice is yours to decide whether you just failed once or you're failure for life. Its always better late than never, its always better to take one step at least rather than being stuck at some pool of thoughts don't tell me i need to remind you about hare and tortoise now!! You know it, take your time, self analyse, shut the crowd and set your goals, hustle hard its just one life make it big. Hold on to bad days and trust your hardwork. Take motivation from expectations not get devastated by it ever.

    I believe in you��❤. Hope wait breathe and live.
    Take care until then you got me :) Always!!
    -hopenotes_here ��
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    Dear stranger
    What's the biggest failure of your life and how did you cope up with it?