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    She observes. She starts confabulating. She still observes. She pulls your leg. She starts to appreciate you. She looks for a common thread. She tries to find a mutual factor. And then she spreads her magic.

    Everyone knows that she's a positive soul, who stands up for her people; lends support when in need; rejoices in others' victories; pacifies the ones who are engulfed with melancholy; appreciates what is beautiful; makes you realise that you are going wrong; assures that everything will be fine; and so on the list of her engagements with fellow beings on this planet goes on.

    But I want to express something else here about a soul that never left perseverance. It is not an easy task. To constantly bring determination on the prime front. To have a dream, and then chase it, along with facing innumerable predicaments, whether personal, professional, emotional, social or mental. She is a story of how one should never give up even if situation goes awry or that plethora of doubts encompass your sanity.

    To still be humble and down-to-earth, despite being a part of one of the most reverential fraternity of the nation. To never show-off her knowledge or talent, albeit having abundance of it. She is so modest that she'll never acknowledge her struggles. To be so emotionally connected, for she only has love to give.

    Yes, the love, that she claims never fades. And it never will. Her quill speaks of profound insights. Her feedbacks are heartwarming. Even on this platform which is virtual, she showers virtues. Never would've thought that on a strange land, I'd find a pure and genuine soul like her. She is the epitome of what it means to be a Kin. And I thank you for this kinship, Kinni!

    Here's wishing you the happiest birthday! @kin_jo @lovethatneverfades



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    With Love
    That never fades