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    I noticed an unusual outrage in her voice, it seems like she had done a quarrel lately. I went down and sat on my chair. The dinner was already served, there was piquant Lentil Soup and my favorite ambrosial Vegetable Lasagna. Mom was a little engaged in official work as she got an urgent call from one of her clients, and dad was not at home. I didn't want to eat alone so I threw my food in the outside dustbin and gone upstairs to sleep.

    As usual, before sleeping I took up my journal, the pen of dad, and wrote about the loneliness that I was feeling. It always felt somewhat good after scribbling down the whole mess of my nous on paper, maybe because of my connection with poems, or maybe with my dad and his pen? I was utterly lost in my thoughts then abruptly I heard some noise coming from the basement. I was prying to know who was there, so I went outside nonchalantly?

    It was my dad and he was fighting with mom. I heard both of them screaming about something related to Divorce and my custody. Suddenly the air feels too short to breathe, it started strangling me and the tears started oozing out of my eyes. Afraid of mom I rushed to my room hastily and laid down on my bed, sobbing alone hiding under the blanket. It had been three hours I was crying, the time was almost 1:30 AM and somebody opened the door-



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