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    Over the years, you nourished me with bleak hopes
    Caressed me with sweet lies
    Held me with deception, and called it love
    But when those thick dark walls started to get closer to me and I could see them better, I felt suffocated by them, yet you held me still with those reasons so false
    And I believed all of you, for that is how badly I wanted to belong
    I got so accustomed to all of those things
    When we parted ways
    And love touched me in form of words from acquaintances
    I held its throat and suffocated it to death,
    And smiled,
    Relieved of an unfamiliar touch;
    And I looked around for that familiar touch, again
    Only to realise
    That has faded away too!
    My whole world collapsed
    And devastated as I was,
    And cried..

    And died