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    If your version of religion or political or social ideology or culture is against basic human rights, then why are you supporting them?
    What is your damn excuse?

    We live in a complicated world. No, I'm not talking about the COVID-19. Let's forget about the coronavirus for a second and think about the hardcore reality of our society. We are on the verge of collapse. From the social and economic inequality to climate change that's about to disrupt our world. We live in a world where the entire social hierarchy is rooted in patriarchy, racial and gender discrimination. Yet, the majority of the population chose not to care too much about it. It's not generalizing when I say majority, because when you look at the world political spectrum, you can definitely see a trend towards the conservative political ideologies.

    When there is a clear discrimination based on color, race, gender, and sexuality exist in our society, we shouldn't say "I see no color or race or gender or sexuality, I see a human being suffering". No, the problem is far more complicated than that, the real question we all should be asking is, "Why that person?" Of all the other people, why that person is suffering the most?

    If we really want to change the world and its obsolete ideologies, then we need to accept the fact that there is something clearly wrong with our society and it runs so deep into our "culture". We can debate and argue about our political, cultural, and religious differences but that's not going to solve our problems. You can support any political/religious ideology that you want but at the same time, you have the responsibility to criticize it when it's against basic human rights.

    It's such a sad thing to see when some parts of our society cannot live freely. So, if your ideology is against basic human rights and it's discriminating people, then it's time to change your views. Because if you don't, it'll collapse eventually and you'll go down with it. And I hope one day we can co-exist in a world where different ideologies aren't trying to kill each other.

    Had to say this. Okay bye. Hope y'all are doing good.

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