• hota_sia 55w

    Immature Love

    Remembering you.
    And the memories we had
    will stay with me forever.
    The unending pain that I tolerate
    will stay with me forever.
    Until I start with 'The late’,
    until I get down as my faith,
    until my heart stops to regret.

    I still go through the past diaries
    when your smile would capture my eyes
    that would kiss my young tiny heart
    and I felt alive in precise.
    I still remember your glittery eyes
    where I felt lost after seeing it
    that would praise my young soul
    to dive into the love you made it.
    I still remember those love-making days
    and those frozen legs of mine after your gaze.
    How can I forget that innocent face
    and all,that was a part of this phase?

    Haven't we gone so far from our childish past
    to our awaiting future, apparently vast?
    Haven't we been creating way for the ahead?
    Gone have the days,for that we both scared.